Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Every child is valued and reaches their full potential. Mission: Provide nurturing play-based early learning to support each child in realizing their potential, while giving families peace of mind. Values: Creativity, Learning, Community, Advocacy, Love

Three Strategic Priorities for 2022 - 2025

illustration with educator and children reaching towards a 10 dollar bill. A school showing expansion.
Influence System Planning
  • influence roll-out of $10/day plan
  • local expansion framework
Illustration of educators and children dancing to music
Ensure a Flourishing Team
  • Healthy workplace culture
  • Build capacity (e.g., strategic HR growth plan)
  • Expand (new centres, communities)
Illustration showing oak seedlings and growth stages with leaves
Enable Sustainable Growth
  • Plan for expansion
  • Continual progression towards decent work and professional pay
  • Implementation of our 'Learn how to learn' approach

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is seen as a foundational element underpinning these strategic priorities. As part of this plan, RisingOaks is engaging a consultant to conduct a review of current RisingOaks policies, programs, and partnerships with the aim of identifying barriers related to diversity, equity, inclusion and/or racism experienced by employees, RisingOaks’ families, and volunteers. The key outcome will be recommendations on how to remove barriers and create more equitable outcomes across our programs, policies, and practices.  The strategic plan will be adjusted to include specific DEI goals and performance indicators.

Our Values

We’ve come a long way, but our values remain constant. RisingOaks is about creativity, learning, community, advocacy, and love.

It is because these values are so firmly rooted in our history, from the beginning as Owl Child Care to our present and future as RisingOaks Early Learning, that we are poised for the future and will continue to provide families with meaningful early learning experiences.



As children learn how to learn through play, it naturally sparks a child's creativity. Discovering new ideas and concepts fosters their imagination.



Our intuitiveness and expertise allow us to help children explore and develop their curiosity. Our expert educators identify each child’s uniqueness and teach them the tools that help them reach their full potential.



Children, their parents, educators and staff belong here. We nurture our community so that everyone who is part of it feels at home. This creates a safe and harmonious place to learn.



As leaders supporting children's growth and development, RisingOaks continues to be a strong voice. We are dedicated to quality education, affordability, and accessibility for all learners.



Every child is unique. Getting to know them, understanding them, connecting with them so that we can provide them with meaningful discoveries is what our educators and staff are committed to. We love what we do. It’s as simple as that.