Board Recruitment

The next board recruitment campaign will begin in January 2024.

What to Expect

Hours of Meeting Preparation, discussion and debate
Board Commitment: 3-hour orientation in April, 3-hour Board meetings bi-monthly starting in May; one full-day development session in October, on average, about 5 hours per month. Committees meet bi-monthly or quarterly for 2-hours each.

No wages... it's a volunteer position

Thanks and recognition offered regularly
Volunteers are valued and appreciated. We provide small tokens of appreciation throughout the year. More importantly, you gain recognition from your peers and a boost to your resume, as volunteering on a governance board is highly regarded. 

High stakes - it is child care, after all
The Board is accountable for the overall governance of RisingOaks - establishing policy, setting the strategic direction for RisingOaks' future and monitoring the overall performance of the Board, the CEO and the organization. So, lend your skills, expertise and voice to an important issue - one that affects all our children. Together, we can make a difference.

Opportunity for personal and professional growth
Develop leadership skills, gain experience in governance, strategic planning, risk management and much more. These skills are easily transferred into the workplace to enhance your career. Training is provided at our Annual Board Development Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to stand for election to the Board of Directors?
  • Nominees for the Board of Directors may be RisingOaks' members or non-members.
  • Employees, their spouses or partners, are not eligible to stand for election
How long is the term of office?
  • Directors serve for a two-year term with the option to stand for re-election for two terms (for a combined total of 6 years), if desired. The election takes place at the Annual General Meeting held on the 2nd Tuesday evening in April each year.
  • Committee members are also asked to serve a 2-year term, with the option to renew.
What do committees do?
  • Committees do the work in preparation for the board’s approval.
    • The finance committee reviews monthly financial reports and does a deep dive into the budget, cross-checking budget assumptions and data.
    • The governance committee develops policies, evaluates risks and supports the board in implementing its governance model.
    • The nominating committee manages the board recruitment and selection process, facilitates board meeting evaluations, and manages director performance check-ins.
    • The government relations advisory committee works together with the chief executive officer to identify and act on advocacy opportunities.
Where do I submit my application?
  • Your application form must be signed to acknowledge consent to stand for election and to act in the capacity of director, committee member or both. As a result, you have the following options to submit your form:
    • By Email:
      Print and sign your application form. Then scan it in and email it to
    • By Inter-Office Courier:
      Place your completed, signed application in a sealed envelope and mark it Attention: Nominating Committee. Drop it off at any RisingOaks centre and the supervisor will forward it via our courier to head office