Accessibility for All

The Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disability Act (AODA) sets the standard for accessibility in Ontario. There are five standards under the AODA:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Transportation
  3. Information/Communication
  4. Employment
  5. Design of Public Space

These standards address barriers that affect people with the full range of disabilities, including: physical, vision, hearing, sensory, mental health, developmental and learning.

In compliance with these standards, RisingOaks Early Learning has documented its policy, practices and procedures with respect to providing accessible customer service, information and communications, employment and transportation.  These documents are based on four principles:

  1. Independence: 
    All individuals, including those with disabilities, shall be able to access goods and services, to the greatest extent possible, free from assistance 
  2. Dignity:
    All individuals, including those with disabilities, will be treated with respect and worthiness 
  3. Integration:
    People with disabilities are allowed to fully benefit from the same services, in the same place and in the same or similar way as other individuals.  Alternative measures might be necessary because a person with a disability requires it or because another option cannot be provided at the time.  If RisingOaks is unable to remove a barrier to accessibility, we will consider what else can be done to provide goods and services to people with disabilities 
  4. Equal Opportunity:
    All individuals, including those with disabilities, will have the same chances and options in the way they obtain and benefit from the goods or services provided


Policies and Procedures:

RisingOaks Early Leaning has established the following policies under AODA:

RisingOaks does not provide transportation services nor is direclty responsible for design of public spaces. Despite this our Mutli-year Accessbility Plan does include a few provisions reated to transportation on field trips and design of new child care centers.

Multi-year Accessibility Plan:

We welcome feedback from RisingOaks families, volunteers, employees and the general public, particularly those with disabilities to help us improve this plan.


Feedback Process:

Should an individual wish to provide feedback to RisingOaks on the provision of goods and services for persons with disabilities, feedback can be provided in the following manner:

  • In person at the administrative office located at 10 Washburn Drive, Unit 2, Kitchener, ON N2R 1S2
  • In person, with the Supervisor at each of the child care centres
  • By telephone, at 519-894-0581 ext. 102
  • By email, via the general inquiries email address at
  • By mail: 10 Washburn Drive, Unit 2, Kitchener, ON N2R 1S2

You may also complete and submit the AODA Feedback Form


Website Accessibility:

RisingOaks' website is mostly in compliance to WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Forms on this website are in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. Some of these document may not be fully compliant. RisingOaks has submitted an AODA workplace with respect to WCAG compliance and has been granted an extention. The website, including all linked documents, will be fully compliant by June 30, 2021.

Alternate formats and/or communication supports are available upon request. Contact for assistance.


Compliance Reporting:

Click on the below links to review our compliance reports: