Tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose RisingOaks Early Learning for your family’s child care needs?
RisingOaks was chosen for its reputation in the community, hours of operation, and many of daughter's school peers are also enrolled in the program.

Directors, and parents who have a child in care for whom monthly fees are paid to RisingOaks Early Learning are eligible to become members of the organization. What does it mean to be a member?
Being a member provides the opportunity to be a voice in these tumultuous times as childcare evolves in the Province.

Why did you decide to get involved with RisingOaks’ Board of Directors?
To represent the voice of single parents. To enhance my knowledge of how a board functions. To see risk and governance policies put into action.

How has being a Director on the Board benefited you personally and professionally?
Personally, being on the board has provided insights into how risk and governance policies drive the actions of an organization. Professionally, serving on the board has enhanced my time management skills, and provided real-world examples of how robust governance can aid an organization in navigating unknown times.

Share a fond memory from your childhood that has stayed with you over the years? How has this and other similar moments influenced your parenting style?
Travelling coast to coast across Canada twice before the age of 12, too many memories to list. Today as a parent, I spend money on experiences for creating memories verses stuff.

Robert Macdonald


Governance Committee