Toddlers Get Creative

Program Name: Toddler 1

This month has been flying by as our Toddler 1 class has been keeping busy! During this month the children have been exploring many different learning activities ranging from sensory bins, fine-motor activities, and creating artwork!

One activity that took place was a Pom-Pom Painting Activity where the children used a clothes-pin and a pom-pom to paint their very own picture! Each child was given their own paper, different paint colours, a clothes-pin and pom-poms. The children were encouraged to try to open and close the clothespin in order to pick up the pom-pom to use as a painting tool. This allowed children the opportunity to practice their fine-motor skills as they learned how to hold and pinch the two sides of the clothespin together so it could open and close! Once their painting tool was ready, many of the children enjoyed mixing the different colours together in the bowl, Emily said, "Look! Red and yellow!" Once she used the colours on the page it mixed together making the colour orange! The different colours gave the children an opportunity to practice their colour recognition. Clara pointed at her page and said, "Red! Red!". Another child held up their pom-pom with green paint on it and said, "Green!". Sometimes when the children were painting, the pom-pom fell off their clothes-pin, however this supported the children's coordination skills as the children tried to pick up the Pom-Pom again using the clothes-pin. The children's artwork turned out amazing, and we are looking forward to creating more artwork using different tools and mediums!

For Remembrance Day the children participated in a Poppy art experience. The children were given paper towels, a paint brush or toothbrush, and a cup of red watercolour. The children were encouraged to use their painting tool to paint the paper towel poppy red. Emily used her fingers to manipulate the toothbrush making the colour splatter on the paper towel! When Ashaar was painting he said, "What happening?" when he saw the water colour spread throughout the paper towel. 

The end result was beautifully created poppies that we displayed on our classroom door for Remembrance Day!

A child dabbing their pom-pom paintbrush onto paper

A child sitting with their painting that they used their pom-pom created paintbrush with

A child holding up their created pom-pom paintbrush