Artists of School-age 1

Program Name: School-age 1

This month in school-age 1, the children have been exploring different art outlets. We have been experimenting with different paints and tools to use that are different from standard paint brushes. When children engage in art activities, it encourages them to express themselves creatively fostering imagination. Furthermore, art activities can also stimulate children’s cognitive abilities such as problem solving and decision making.

One evening, we decided to get creative with our painting tools by introducing balloons. We filled them up with some air and placed out some colours. Immediately a group of children wanted to participate. Each of them put some paint on their balloon and began to work. They stamped, smeared, and dabbed the balloons on their paper and noticed how the outcome of each method was different than the last. One child decided to use his fingers and began putting his hands in the paint. “The paint feels good in my hands” he said as he began to paint his picture. More children began to use their hands and enjoyed this method of painting. Afterwards, another group of children wanted to get creative by dotting the paint on the paper with some bottles. One child placed a variety of colours on her paper, then she folded the paper in half. When she opened the paper, it unveiled a beautiful symmetrical pattern.

Art is not always a product-oriented activity, most oftentimes it is a process that can lead to further exploration. The children discovered ways to create visually captivating pieces that reflected their personal creativity. Through various art forms, the children learned to appreciate different perspectives enhancing their self-expression. We wonder where the children's imaginations will take them next!

A child holding and displaying their painting.

Children exploring with balloons and paint.

A small group of children painting with balloons.