Fun with Balls


As infants love to play with balls, Jaspreet took out some ping pong balls and two ball drop towers for the infants to explore.

Jackson grabbed some balls from the basket, and put one on the top of the ball drop. When the ball started dropping through the holes downwards, Jackson got excited to see where the ball went. When the ball fell through the last hole, Jackson smiled and put one more ball at the top.

Ezra and Morley came over, Morley stood up and put one ball through the hole on the top of the tower. He then tried to put balls in through the middle holes. Jaspreet wondered if Morley put them in through the middle holes to see if the balls go down from there too? Morley then looked into the basket to take out some more balls. Jaspreet said to him, “Morley, can you give me a white ball?” Morley then took out the only white ball from the whole bunch of orange balls and gave it to Jaspreet with a smile. Ezra chose three balls together and dropped them one right after the other through the top hole of the tower. The balls created a ping-ping sound, every time he put the balls through together and they hit each other when they reached the bottom. When a lot of balls gathered at the bottom, Ezra got excited and said, “woo-hoo."
Benji dropped balls through each hole of the tower one by one and also rolled the balls down on the floor.

Theo put the balls from the top hole of the tower and carefully observed the balls coming down through all the holes in a circular position. He then took two balls from the basket and gave them one by one to Morley and Ezra to drop through the ball drop. Ezra and Morley smiled taking balls from Theo and started playing with them. What a great social interaction!

Austin got excited looking at the balls. He took a bunch of balls and started putting them through the top of the tower. When Jaspreet asked Austin, “where did the ball go?” Austin took one big ball from the side basket with big balls in it and rolled it using his fine motor skills towards Jaspreet with a big smile.

Penny and Margo chose to drop balls one by one from the top hole of the tower and observed the balls coming downwards. Margo took the white ball in her hand and looked at it. Jaspreet labelled the colours as she looked at other orange coloured balls in the basket while taking out the white ball.

The infants used hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills as they used their hands to grab and drop the balls through the holes in the ball drop. The sense of sound was also explored as the infants heard the ping-ping sound every time balls hit together while coming out at the bottom of the ball drop. They also interacted socially with each other as well as with educators while playing with the balls and sharing them with each other. I wonder what other activities can be planned using the balls for the infants to explore and have fun with?


An infant is putting a ping pong ball into a ball run.

An infant is putting a ping pong ball into a ball run.

An infant is putting a ping pong ball into a ball run.