COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

All child care centres are open with updated health and safety policies to address COVID-19 risks and meet the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Waterloo Region Public Health. RisingOaks Early Learning employees have received training in these new procedures and have been creating safe, caring and positive environments where they can engage and learn alongside the children.

COVID-19 Screening policy

COVID-19 Infection Control policy

  • Includes procedures related to:
    • Cleaning, Disinfecting & Removal of Hard to Clean Items
    • Use of Cohorts & Adjustments to Staffing
    • Physical Distancing & Visual Cues
    • Outdoor Programming Adjustments (revised Feb 8/21)
    • Personal Measures (e.g., hand hygiene)
    • Personal Protective Equipment (revised Feb 8/21)

COVID-19 Isolation & Response policy

  • Includes:
    • COVID-19 Response Scenarios
    • Isolation Flow Chart
    • Fact-sheet on Self-Monitoring
    • Fact-sheet on Self-Isolation

In general, here are just a few of the things we are doing to keep everyone safe.

  • Active screening of all participants, employees and visitors.
  • Cohorts. Each program room/age group will form a cohort. Cohorts will not mix.
  • Adjustments to staffing schedules. Wherever possible, staff will not work with more than one cohort.
  • All adults are required to wear medical masks and eye protection while inside the centre 
  • School-age children are also required to wear a face mask.
  • Physical distancing of at least 2 metres is encouraged where possible within each program room.
  • Incorporating more individual activities or activities that encourage more space between children using visual cues to promote physical distancing
  • Isolation & reporting of anyone who exhibits symptoms while in program.

Parents are invited to review the above policies and procedures and to reach out to their centre supervisor with any questions or concerns. 

COVID-19 Absence Credit

If your child is absent due to COVID-19 (due to symptoms, testing, or isolation), child care fees can be credited to your account using a new COVID-19 Absence Credit.
Infant, toddler and preschool families will be eligible for up to 10 COVID-19 Absence Credits per child available for use between May 17 and December 31, 2021. School-age families will have access to up to 5 credits.
These credits can be used for COVID-19 specific absences that are not already covered by a Cohort Dismissal Credit.
To access this support...
  1. Complete the daily COVID-19 screening to confirm symptoms and./or that your child is not attending due to COVID-19 reasons.
  2. Email the centre supervisor to request to use one of your COVID-19 Absence Credits

Cohort Dismissal Credit

If your child's room/cohort is dismissed by Public Health in response to a case of COVID-19, the entire group of children and staff are required to isolate.
Thanks to Room Closure Funding - via the Region of Waterloo - your child care fees for the child in that room will be credited back to your account for the days that the room is closed.
To access this support...
  • No action is required. This happens automatically. The credit will be applied to an upcoming invoice and deducted from your payment for that invoice.

COVID-19 Temporary Hold with Reduced Fees

During a Stay at Home Order, families may choose to keep their child at home to do their part to flatten the curve and/or because they are now at home during the day working or supporting a school-age child with online learning. If this is your choice,you can apply for a COVID-19 Temporary Hold with Reduced Fees. Under this new program:
  • Child care fees will be reduced by 50% based on the scheduled days prior to the Request for a Temporary Hold
  • Effective on or after May 17 until the Stay At Home Order is lifted or June 30, whichever comes first.
To access this support:
  1. Complete the Request for a COVID-19 Temporary Hold
  2. Submit your request to the centre Supervisor via Email.



Can I back date my request to April 19 when schools closed and I first started keeping my child younger child at home?

  • No. Unfortunately, this program is not approved retroactively. Requests will affect fees starting on the next scheduled day following submission of your request .


If my child is on a temporary hold, but I need care one day, can I send them?

  • Care is not provided during the approved Temporary Hold period since full fees are not paid and staffing may have been adjusted to accomodate other business needs.


What if I want to return to care on my regular schedule before the Stay at Home Order ends?

  • Notice of 10 business days (5 days for school-age) will be required to end your Temporary Hold to ensure that adequate staffing is in place for when your child is ready to return. Please email the centre supervisor providing as much notice as possible. Requests to return with less notice will be looked at on a case by case basis.


Interim Cancellation / Notice of Withdrawal

For the remainder of 2021, an interim payment policy related to the notice period for termination of spaces will be in effect.
  • Infant, Toddler, Preschool programs require 10 business days' notice (down from 20).
  • School-age programs require 5 business days' notice (down from 10)
In addition, our interim camp cancellation policy is back in effect as follows:
  • 30 days notice for a full refund
  • 15 to 29 days notice for a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee per child, per week.
  • No refunds with less than 15 days' notice.
To access this support...
  1. Email the centre supervisor with your cancellation and/or withdrawal requests.
  2. If you are terminating your spot in an infant, toddler or preschool program and hope to return in the future, re-apply on OneList and/or email the supervisor to request to re-activate a prior OneList Application. Your application can be re-prioritized to group 3 (of 5). Note - this does not guarantee a space will be available.